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"Special thanks to everyone who have visited my website, signed the guestbook and have purchased my music. This is an exciting time for me as I make plans to return to the studio and record a new project with the help from you. All of the proceeds from my website orders will go to funding the new record. I have a donate button on my website as well. Any donations are extremely appreciated. I look forward to getting back out on the road and seeing you all and making new friends along the way.

This is an exciting time for me after several years from being off of the road.  I've met some great folks out on the road and have made some lifelong friends all over the US.  I'm really excited to get back out there and see all of my old friends as well as make new ones along the way.  I've been blessed by radio and the listeners with nine charting songs during my music career and I hope that everyone will enjoy what I have to offer."    - Doug Hudson

Check back often for updates and more information on Doug and his music.  Doug is currently accepting bookings and looks forward to hearing from you!

See You On The Road In 2016!



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I'm currently in the process of recording a new album and you can help!  If you like what you hear at the bottom of the page then click the "donate" button below and support the funding for the new album.  Thanks everybody!